SMS Services

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a simple but powerful tool for communication. ApnāKhātā app uses SMS as its powerful authenticating tool thereby making it simple for users and saves the trouble of having to remember multiple passwords, codes, syntaxes, commands, phone numbers and website links.

It also uses the power of technology to remember the syntax of SMSes to do banking and financial transactions. Encryption adds to the security.


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

USSD supported by NPCI, about 40 Banks have introduced USSD services in India which can be easily used by even old people, rural customers and semi-literate users. For example, if you need Mini-Statement, the following string can be stored in your Address Book as a Contact and called when required

Banks Contact String

*99*4*1*41# - for State Bank of India

*99*4*1*42# - for Punjab National Bank

*99*4*1*43# - for HDFC Bank

*99*4*1*44# - for ICICI Bank

*99*4*1*57# - for Corporation Bank

*99*4*1*58# - for Indian Bank

*99*4*1*76# - for Karnataka Bank

*99*4*1*79# - for RBL